The Untold Story

The induction of communication practice at Trisakti University emerged as early in 1990s in the era of Dr Mulyatno Sindhudarmoko, the Rector of the University (1990-1994). Under his management, the role and function of public relations was institutionalised in a unit, UPT Hubungan Masyarakat. With the motto “Membuka Jendela, Membangun Citra”, this new unit shared the ideas of practising strategic communication to public relations of cers of private universities in Jakarta. Several meetings were organised to strengthen the relationship among PROs of the universities.

In 1992, the Head of Public Relations Unit, Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, proposed to attend an international conference, held by the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) in Beijing. Having been inspired by a global recognition campaign, she introduced a communication campaign, Clean Up the World, under the patronage of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), to the Trisakti University. By then, Trisakti University is the founding supporter for Indonesia. Until recently, this environmental campaign is still going on, and organized by EGA brie ngs since 2001, in cooperation with MM Communication with the support of Trisakti University as founding supporter.

In 1999, Dr Alain Modoux, the Former President of IPRA, the Director Freedom of Expression and Democracy UNESCO was invited to the university for a two-day seminar “Establishing Reputation through Strategic Public Relations”. The seminar was of cially opened by Rector,

Prof Dr Thoby Mutis, and His Excellency Prof Dr Yuwono Sudarsono, the minister of Education and Culture addressed the keynote. This was the rst time that the idea of opening a new academic unit was publicly stated.

During 2000-2002, IPRA student membership was developed, some 150 students from 16 universities were registered as student members of this global public relations association with its secretariat in London, UK. In 2002, IPRA President Carolyn Fazio was invited for a national seminar attended by 130 participants. Then in 2003, a book “Public Relations in Asia: An Anthology”, edited by Dr Krisnamurthy Sriramesh, was launched in Jakarta. Four of ten Asian writers, were invited to highlight the book.

Finally, in August 2004, Dr James Grunig, the PR guru from the Maryland University, USA was invited to address an Executive Luncheon in Jakarta Hilton Hotel. Mid and senior level managers from national and multi-national companies operating in Indonesia attended the session. A doctoral dissertation was completed in 29th September 2004, which then marked the right moment for the establishment of new academic adventure. It began with three Executive Courses in Menara Kadin, then moved to Menara Batavia, and beginning 1st June 2005, the embryo of MM Communication settled down its own Secretariat in Trisakti Mega Kuningan campus ever since.