Welcome to Trisakti MM Communication

Allow me to express my personal praise to the Lord, as without His blessings and enlightenment in giving me strength, I would have not been able to stand as the Coordinator of MM Communication for ten years now.

Strength and growth come only with continuous effort and struggle.
Strength does not come from winning. Struggles develop strength and when we go through the hardship and decide not to surrender, that is the real strength.
In MM Communication, we are building a sense of Togetherness among teaching team with our tiny management team with whom we develop our personal networks at home and abroad. Unity is strength, when there is a team work and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

A Decade of Journey (2005- 2015) is a really a ten years of struggle.
Struggle to convince the internal support and external confidence that this new venture is worth establishing. There is still an ongoing argument about public relations as a growing science and a professional practice.
Public relations means different thing to different people, and often receives negative meaning. As a management function, it cannot stand alone. It serves the entire management of an organization. Despite substantial and increasing expenditure in public relations activities in the last two decades, the practice in Indonesia is still misunderstood and misused.

The most significant factors affecting public misunderstanding about public relations is lack of socialization in management (75%), lack of measurement and evaluation (62%), ignorance about challenges and crisis (58%), and lack of PR Research (56%) as reported in the Gold Paper PR Indonesia (Ananto, 2007).
This extensive research ever done in Indonesia which involved 1.018 respondents from 12 cities revealed that public relations effectiveness can only be achieved in open internal communication climate (90%), participative management style (85%), strategic and independent (81%), and if PR is organized as organic structure (78%).

Based on this empirical evidence, PR education in Indonesia should be directed toward the achievement of PR as a strategic management function, rather than technical function as supporting to promotion and publicity alone.
As PR is suffering from its image as management function, a PR practitioner should be able to find theoretical answers as well as empirical confirmation that PR can contribute both economic and non economic factors to an organization. That public relations expenditure is an investment, not a cost.
This is exactly why MM Communication strives to become a Centre of Excellence in public relations education by reinforcing strategic thinking in managerial worldview.

We are proud to report that we have released the 127 Alumni who are working in various types of institutions and industries. We have also completed a ten-year educational campaign Public Relations Week Indonesia (2005-2014) last year, and continue to develop the International Public Relations Summit, a premier public relations conference in Asian region, since 2012. These supporting activities to academic program of MM Communication are organized in collaboration with EGA brie ngs, established in 2001 – for national and international networks and conference management.

In this special moment, I would like to express my appreciation to the University, the entire Advisory Board members. Sincere gratitude is extended to the PR gurus : Dr James Grunig, Dr Don W. Stacks, Dr Roger Hayes, Dr Timothy Coombs and Robert W. Grupp for their continuous support in developing public relations as a science and professional practice in Indonesia.

Internally, my deep appreciation goes to all teaching staff and dedicated team of Thesis supervisors who have been working hand in hand with a tiny management team as to present the 127 Alumni so far.
Thanks to all Guest speakers, Sponsors of event, Supporters and volunteers who have been involved in our activities even before MM Communication was established. Last but not least to EGA brie ngs team who support me organizing national and international conferences for the last ten years.

Let us continue our efforts. Continuous effort is the key to unlocking our potentials. Allow us to accomplish our mission that MM Communication shall be the national’s most relevant, resourceful, in uential as a Management based education for Communication executives in managerial level to face national and international challenges.
May God bless us all.

Enjoy MM Communication – A Decade of Journey!

Elizabeth Goenawan Ananto, Ph.D, FIPRA
MM Communication – Program Coordinator